My First Shopping Experience with Rightstuf

Free! Eternal Summer Limited Edition

A while back I brought up that I had bought the Free! Eternal Summer anime series on Limited Edition and while that is true, guess what? This time when it came to getting my anime I did not turn to but instead to Rightstuf since I want to support a smaller scale anime specializing online retailer.

And I think they aren’t too shabby. Their prices on anime at times can be less than Amazon’s and that is saying something since Amazon has great selection and low prices. Yet, sometimes Rightstuf in the case of anime has a better offer and if you’re lucky some times there are major store-wide sales going on.

Rightstuf logo

To add to this, Rightstuf’s customer service is receptive. They answer your questions with patience and calmness. Like for example, if you have a small misunderstanding they will respond to you in kind and in a way that clearly states their intentions. I like that. In life I look for completely honest people who do not put up pretenses.

Important Information: Rightstuf takes VISA debit cards besides credit cards. A big plus for those who would prefer to use debit cards. I mean who wants easy debt thanks to credit cards, right?