Deliciously Disturbing Manga: Caste Heaven

Caste Heaven Yaoi Meme

After having my first taste of BL anime with Love Stage!! At the time I had some major cravings for BL or specifically Yaoi manga. Lo and behold who would have guessed the first manga series that came across would be Caste Heaven. A disturbing yet attractive series.

This story is about a group of boys involved in games of power and control. They all want to be the King but only one can be King. Meanwhile, everyone lower on the so-called caste is beaten down or taken advantage of. And somehow the most cruel boy in school by the name of Azusa is in fact the King for an extended amount of time until his title is taken from him by none other than his closest follower Kirino.

Caste Heaven manga shots 1

It’s undeniable that part of my love for the manga series lies in the graceful and fluid expressions of the artwork. It’s lovely work by Ogawa Chise. And, of course, I’m drawn to beautiful things. 

Not a pretty sight considering Kirino has always had the hots for the guy. And once Kirino is in power let’s just say he wants some very indecent things from Azusa. Namely sex. Whenever and however he wants it from Azusa.

Even as this grows to be a very controlling relationship that can only be called sick. I find myself falling for the series. It handles the psychological struggles of the characters so well and I actually comprehend Azusa’s seeming thirst for wanting to be King. All due to his family insecurities. It’s beautiful even as the series is absolutely disturbing. Since this is true, you can bet Ogawa Chise is an extraordinary manga writer and illustrator.


This manga series is ongoing currently. Though it has not been officially released in North America by any major manga publisher. I happened to read it online via one of the many online manga websites out there.