The Huge Anime Fan’s Top Anime Youtubers

In this latest segment, I reveal my Top favorite Anime Youtubers who I see as the counterparts to all great anibloggers. Let’s begin!

  1. Arkada of Glass Reflections: Arkada is perhaps one of the most prolific Anime Youtubers out there. Best of all, he makes his videos interesting due to his personality. Pay close attention to him he’s got some witty humor going on that makes his videos really fun. I couldn’t recommend him more for Anime Youtubers.

2. The Anime Man: One of the reasons I like Joey’s youtube videos is perhaps he’s really a down-to-earth guy. He’s genuine so that makes checking out his videos all the more easy to enjoy.

3. Yokurama: It was hard to still list Yokurama considering he hasn’t been very active on his two anime-related Youtube accounts lately but his influence is undeniable. He holds two accounts with anime-related videos: YokuramaGameTalk and YokuramaNews.

4. ThatAn1meGuy: ThatAnimeGuy as I like to think of him is perhaps second to Arkada in how active he is. He usually doesn’t review anime like other anime youtubers but instead does more anime unboxings and does anime previews for anime seasons.

5. The Hero Kid or as he is known now ZeronicKiba: What I like about HeroKid is the distinct style he has as an Anime Youtuber. He’s more like a commentator on anime and manga and its related culture. He’s incredibly perceptive making him stand out from the crowd. Give him some views when you get the chance.

6. SavageZweiPanda: Coming across him in the Summer of 2013 among the backdroppings of a great anime, Gatchaman Crowds, I thought at the time what a great Anime Youtuber. He’s got a great, friendly voice.

7. Crimson who’s now on Youtube: Some of you who read the blog may know her as Crimson from over at My Fujoshi Life but she’s now expanded into anime youtubing and I must say she’s great. Very knowledgeable and funny. Check Crimson out when you have the time.

8. LitaKino: Lita like Crimson has a Youtube channel and I think in a totally different direction, Lita has a quirky style of her own. If you like wacky then Lita might be for you.

That’s about it when it come to great anime youtubers. If I missed any that you consider great then please let me know in the comments as well as why you consider them the greatest.


4 thoughts on “The Huge Anime Fan’s Top Anime Youtubers

  1. Ahhhhhh cassandra bless you I feel so honored >/////<
    You describes my style perfectly love your list 🙂 Thankyou


  2. An interesting list, Cassandra. You tubers have become such an important part of contemporary popular culture! My son has endless lists with youtube gamers 🙂


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