AMV Friday Feature: Dark Side of the Light by Faylan

Dark Side of the Light created by Masaki95


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Polaris was an album released in 2010 and contains the song Dark Side of the Light.

1. Polaris

2. Mind as Judgment

3. Serious-Age

4. Arousing Soul

5. Distance Point

6. Utakata No Kotori Tachi

7. Scat Blue

8. Arigatou-To Dear You-

9. Dark Side of the Light

10. Day of the Fate

11. Hishou no Koku

12. Fortitude

13. I Sing by My Soul

14. Errand

15. Spring-Kimi to no Melody-

16. Kibou Tobira-All I can Do is Singing fr You-

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Faylan-Anisong Artist Biography

Faylan Image Credit: Comtrya

Faylan is a Japanese singer particularly an anisong singer from Japan. She is affiliated with Lantis of which many voice actors in Japan are part of. She’s best known as the singer for wonderful songs like Dark Side of the Light in the Tokyo ESP anime series, God Fate in Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East, Wonder Fang in Hakkenden Season 2, and Tokyo Zero Hearts in the Tokyo ESP anime series, as well as Blood teller and Dead END in the Future Diary anime series. Along with belonging with Lantis she is also signed with Sony Music Artists.

My personal thoughts on Faylan’s music: Like Pop set on overdrive. Magnificent JPop, for sure. They do not make them like this that often.

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Twitter: Faylan Staff