Hareyon [LE] by Hiroshi Kamiya Album Review

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One might wonder what made me want to buy Hiroshi Kamiya’s music. Well, it should be taken into account that I really really admire the voice acting work of various Japanese voice actors and when I heard Hiroshi Kamiya was involved in the music industry. Well, I was heavily curious. I went ahead and checked some music videos of Hiroshi Kamiya’s singing on Youtube and I was impressed considering he’s a remarkable voice actor in anime and then this…singer too!

It’s too much. I like knowing those who are actors are also multi-talented in other areas. It adds a further element of surprise!

Now onto the music. It’s definitely a mix bag like most music album releases. Filled with some magnificent songs, alright ones, and some outright terrible ones.

Start Again is undeniably the most beautiful of them all in Hareyon. Not only does the music let you breath, but Hiroshi Kamiya’s voice is perfectly in sync with it. Almost like he’s one with the music, really thanks to the instrumentation that slowly unfolds with techno flashes that morph into funny glomps and fresh falling scales. It’s so beautiful that this is the song that made me want to buy his music in the first place. A perfect JPop number!

Hareyon by Hiroshi Kamiya

The only thing besides this there is only one other magnificent song, 孤独と情熱の焦点. Which is kind of strange since it seems a little darker than what I would expect from Hiroshi Kamiya. It has this palpable Gothic style which is pushed forward by some interesting heavy rumbling Rock instrumentation. As I said, very very interesting. After this look into what Hiroshi Kamiya can potentially do I am hit with wanting to see him do more in this Rock direction. It feels and sounds great!

The Hareyon LE contains several exclusive items. Comes with a booklet, a small photobook, DVD, and a photocard of Hiroshi Kamiya signed by him. As to the songs there is a total of 6 songs. 

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