A Return to Aniblogging + Attack on Titan Season 2 [video] April 2017

Attack on Titan-Titan in the wall

I decided to cut my losses in recent times and decided to move to Mexico due to the most unsavory political climate here in the USA. But that aside I think for all intents and purposes 2016 was a great year. I went through a lot and came to quite a few new realizations about myself. #1-I don’t forgive getting crossed and #2-I’ll likely will always want things done my way. I can compromise but it takes a lot out of me.

But I am glad this year I learned that, nonetheless, and along with that confirming I am a firm atheist. But best of all I am glad I got something I wanted, TK from Ling Tosite Sigure music. If I am being honest I’m continuously thinking about it. So when a new release gets announced by then I have likely been frothing at the mouth and have already become impatient.

Yes, it was a great year for me no matter how I look at it. Maybe not for me and anime together but overall in the personal, yes, great. Since the whole thing in Mexico sort of happened and I’ll be traveling, I thought I should restart up here simply because I know anime fans are a varied lot who come from all over not just the USA, so I feel more comfortable blogging for them. Not people who make me cry and make me feel betrayed.

I am excited to see how the blogging thing will work out once I’m in Mexico. It might be hectic but I look forward to seeing how streaming will work in Mexico. On the positive, it will give me a chance to see what kind of anime Mexico anime fans get. If any or so I hear. You know, that. That they usually get low turnover of the hotter and more recent anime due to poor or non-existent licensing. If so, I’ll get to report it here with you, guys.

Here’s to 2017. And yeah. I have been watching anime again. A few episodes of Noragami Aragoto and the K: Missing Kings Movie. So good! Oh, and now Attack on Titan Season 2 even if I probably will have to wait years until I can see it over in Mexico.