Ta-dah short hair & upcoming blog plans!


I finally did it! I cut my hair the shortest I have ever done so before. My biggest worry over doing it before was if I wouldn’t look feminine enough, especially taking into account how as it is I already think I am exactly the opposite of feminine. But it worked out well enough and I actually think I look cute if I do say so myself.

In any case, I have been watching anime and while still barely finding the time nowadays or for reading for that matter I have made some good progress. I should have a review up for AoharuXMachinegun this hilarious anime series. And after that I’ll dive back into picking up all the reviews I said I would get to but never did because I basically got caught up with other shiny new anime series.

But before then, I am going to be doing a review on a new smartphone I was dying to own (yes since very small 6 or 7 I have been a Sony fan. They did invent the very first Sony Playstation. A marvel in the 90s) called the Sony Xperia XA. You won’t believe the color I got it in which is pretty bizarre for me given my sort of dislike for this color.


And if all goes well, right after that I’ll be publishing a new movie review on here that is probably way different than the usual anime fare but since I decided to prioritize this blog, I thought, I might as well share a few other stuff that I find interesting along the way.