Spring 2017 Anime Preview & Ani-Watchlist

Recently, I got an update via FUNimation’s e-newsletter about the Spring 2017 anime season with Attack on Titan Season 2 in the lineup. And all I can think crap, yeah, we are so close to April and thus the return to Attack on Titan. It just seems like yesterday when I said in December 2016 that we will be getting Attack on Titan Season 2 in April 2017 and now we are already in mid-March.

And I’m totally watching. Other than that, I’m going to complete AoharuXMachinegun and watch and finish Season 2 and is it Season 3 of Haikyu!!

Because yep I have only got around to seeing Season 1 of Haikyu!!

And yes, you can bet I will be recapping/reviewing Attack on Titan Season 2 with zeal. I mean this is Attack on Titan.


PV trailer for Season 2 of Attack on Titan + An English Subtitled Interview with the handsome Yuki Kaji about Season 2 of Attack on Titan!