AoharuXMachinegun (2015) Anime Series Review

An anime series from the 2015 Anime Season.

Boy. Was I taken by surprise by this anime series in just so many aspects. Not to mention I enjoyed the strong character development each character had.

AoharuXMachinegun presents the story of this young girl who looks like a guy who upholds a strong sense of justice who out of a misunderstanding ends up becoming indebted to a gentleman’s club host who makes it his decision to have her join his team of sports enthusiasts except here it is about survival games!

It still isn’t like life or death but pride is on the line. Unprecedented for Hotaru, the young girl, who looks like a boy, her teammates, bear enormous inner scars due to the survival games. Baggage she’ll have to deal with.

I have to say the series was at times so outlandish but hilarious that I caught myself laughing. Perhaps even harder than with Haikyu!! or Dog & Scissors. Mainly because Hotaru can be quite crazy and manic and she increasingly surprises Matsuoka, the gentleman’s club host. This when he is pretty serious himself when it comes to these survival games. Oh, but then we have Yukimura who is this rather unsettling and weird guy that I cannot help but like. Not even sure why. It could have to do with the fact that he starts off distrusting Hotaru and then he slowly starts to trust her. Only for us to realize that he is, in fact, a complete goof. Not as grave as we thought him to be. I mean he even has this funny nickname for Matsuoka, Mattsun. Although, Matsuoka does for him too, Yuki. Highlighting how close these guys are.

But at the end, the way this series slowly addresses each characters’ personalities and later how it presents their current struggles. It all neatly joins us to how each benefit from having each other to get past their hangups.

AoharuXMachinegun has everything: goof-offs, strong and developed characterization, for the most part fluid and attractive animation, excellent voice acting, intense survival battles, a fun OP and ED, a relevant message, and an ending that closes nicely and could just as well lead into a Season 2 if anyone so wanted. And this is my favorite part. An ending with closure!

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy

Overall: Phenomenal anime series. Very Highly Recommended.

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