Update: Worry & Finding a job as a 20-something is not easy if you have never worked before

What in fact I had not mentioned before is I am going through several jobs and not keeping them. What nobody ever told me is medium-wage jobs in the United States of America just don’t pay so well to even pay the bills. Add to the fact I have never worked before I haven’t been doing so good at all. It’s terrifying. I’m starting to think I am useless since a lot of the jobs I have started at many of the people end up letting me go. And while in some they say they are conducting job cuts which are due to managing budgets better. It’s hard not to think the real reason is me. Because I have never worked before and I am simply not fast or competent enough.

It’s both saddening and shocking since jobs like cashiering in the restaurant industry are made out to be easy by people all the time but it isn’t easy at all. Some customers come across as cold or harshly impatient and add to the equation that nobody knows this but I just don’t know how to react to people, it only makes the job that much harder. It’s my most closely guarded secret. Around people I feel alien and don’t know how to respond and therefore I freeze up. Which people either take as me being cold or nervous. It’s neither but outwardly that’s how it shows to others, like I am cold to them or I seem nervous.

So these struggles to contend with have made me keeping a job rather impossible. Besides which in a lot of medium wage jobs, employers, want employees to complete lots of work fast in a small amount of time so they in theory will pay you less and you don’t cost them so much. Yet I can’t do that since I am naturally cautious so I try to do my work in a thoughtful manner so nothing is left undone which isn’t the fastest. And in our fast-paced world if you’re slow some customers do get pissed off. Something that I have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand. And unfortunately while I could look at other options. I can’t. Medium wage jobs in our modern society are entirely based on the customer service industry. There is no way around it. And honestly if these are the only options left to me since I can’t pursue higher education since I don’t have the money for that, I seriously wonder what’s going to happen to me. I don’t know what job I could possibly do if I am willing to work for low pay but nobody will have me because I just don’t have anything to offer. In any case, I’ll keep trying to find a job I’m good at, I won’t give up, but I seriously wonder what’s left for people who can’t really offer anything to society?

And that aside, blog activity will likely slow down on here due to my job troubles. If my situation improves I’ll likely blog more frequently but as of now not so much.