Update-Working & Finding a Job: The Struggles & How some Recruiters suck at their job

I managed to find a job again and seriously hoping I can hold it too. But I think now that the worry of not having any incoming income is past I wanted to share my grievances if you will and some things that in the end could have bad implications for customer service and the overall economy. Employers and those in charge of recruiting are terrible at their job. They rattle when you show up at their place that applying for a job is done all online. Yet when it comes time to set up an interview they insist on phoning you, despite the fact that it would be far easier for you to get emailed. It’s an old people’s conundrum, really. Getting stuck in the past. Because look first off, today, everyone is busy and chances are you may be out in a public place where you cannot take phone calls since it will inconsiderate to others in which case I would lose a job opportunity right there. Second, if you work a minimum wage job how would you even have money to pay for cell phone service, every month? I’m sorry it’s not going to be a top priority for an employee when we have bills to pay and food to buy and then money we need to save for a future expenditure that will assure one can remain employed.

And I simply don’t get it. All this seems like random ineptitude by recruiters because they don’t realize that for young people today (and yes those are the people applying since all these openings mean the older population is phasing out) it is very easy to have a tablet or cell phone which they can later get access to wifi at a public place that offers it and yes lots of places offer free wifi.

And it’s sad because somehow because of this they end up with a loss of potential employees and struggling to fill positions. And yes it’s noticeable when job postings are up for weeks and weeks and weeks or they continually show up again as being needed to be filled.

But again, it would all be fine if people who created online job applications would not require phone numbers or insisted on setting interview dates via phone only. Which are a waste of my time anyway since through the phone details like setting a date and time are always difficult to get across. Whereas in email, all you would need to do is send an email with a date and time and there wouldn’t even be a need for a fumble of a pen or notebook while you talk on the phone. See. Easy. Simpler.

But what gets to me is nobody realizes that people who are good on the phone are not necessarily good people in person. If not a bored girl at a baked goods shop wouldn’t have gotten her job. And I say this simply because it makes me sad to see people who have a job who are so obviously not made for customer service. If you are in customer service you would never look at a customer with a bored expression that says I would rather be anywhere but here.

But yeah. The struggles of finding a job and people say keeping a job is the hard part. No. It’s finding one too. Because in many potential employers will try to handshake you! And if you know me, you would know, that I dislike handshakes instantly. Not only do they remind me of people who fistbumped or hi-fived in school. Which was embarrassing! But in general, handshakes give me a cue that these people are the small talk types of people and those who are overtly curious about the affairs of others. People I dislike in general. I don’t downright hate but I rather not associate with since I am naturally reserved.

It’s quite hilarious because I have heard job recruiters do a handshake to test what people are like but I’ll tell you right now that is a myth. It won’t tell you anything because people are complicated and they’ll surprise you. If anything it let’s me know more about my potential future employers and somehow due to the handshake that makes me uncomfortable I have to say I might be tempted to say I rather not work for them at all.

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  1. Finding a job can be extremely hard. I got very lucky with mine but back when I was in middle school my mother was unemployed for over 2 years. Despite having qualifications and a lot of experience no one seemed to want to hire her.

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    • Yeah and you don’t say. 2 years! Unbelievable because I happen to be alone with no family and I’m also single, so I’d be out on the streets and probably starve before then because we have got to eat.

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