Contemplation: Musicians and should they be expected to play perfect Live

As previously stated way back on the blog I plan on doing more miscellaneous posts on The Huge Anime now that I have decided to make this my primary blog.

But anyway, I will like to reflect on something. You know, about musicians. Some of you know that I am totally impressed and enchanted with Ling tosite sigure that Japanese rock band I discovered through anime and TK’s solo music project under the name of TK from Ling tosite sigure. But you probably don’t know how much time I devote to listening to this musician’s music. And come to think of it. Even I don’t know why I do it. It’s like I am compelled to listen to his music as much as I can fit it into my day because I know life to me has proved boring and in general I don’t have a clear vision for myself in how I want to live my life except never getting married and never having kids and of course continuing to pay my bills and housing. There’s a sense that this music is special and like no other and that makes me utterly proud. You really can’t believe how much. The feeling is overwhelming especially as I wonder why do musicians do it. Why do they create this wonderful music? What compels them to try so hard and I am certain all this requires tons of hard work because something this deliciously wonderfully well-recorded music couldn’t be perfect just on its own.

Yet, as I leaf through Youtube and come across the Abnormalize Live. I am pulled into a comment that disconcerts me. Yes. I am aware this particular performance that was on Music Station a type of talk show in Japan wasn’t the best by the band but hey we’re all human. It’s unrealistic to expect perfect. Anyone who says otherwise is not showing good judgement. Particularly if they are so pissed by a band’s horrible performance that they would resort to implying that perhaps the band should use drugs so that they can perform better. And it is such a disgusting comment and an equally disgusting idea. Precisely because people who use drugs are weak. They show their weakness by using the drugs as the something extra to pull them up and give them strength. And beyond that it’s unwholesome and ungenuine since the self is being mired by something else. If anything, if the person who suggested such a disgusting idea would go elsewhere for their music, I think that would be a far better solution. Have an issue with the band? Nobody is forcing you to stay. Go on your way then. There are plenty of other musicians out there who you can look up.

What gets to me is that all this time I have been worrying about this before. What if my favorite band uses drugs? What if? I mean the music is too perfect. Almost made for me. And what if the reason is, well, the musicians do drugs. I mean we do hear of musicians who use drugs quite frequently in the news. And I’m going to be honest here, should the scenario ever present itself. I would have no qualms with cutting TK’s music out of my life. It will be the most painful thing I will have to let go of. I mean I can’t believe I am saying this but it will hurt to cut out TK’s music from my life because I have grown attached to it. Despite telling myself to never form any attachments to anyone or any thing. But how could I not when this musician knows all my favorite things in music: fast-paced, hard-edged but equally soft, violin, piano, high sound quality, elegant, and humor.

And to answer the question I first posed. No. Musicians shouldn’t be required to play perfectly Live and no they shouldn’t do drugs to keep themselves going. I would rather a band who sucked Live but who is still fighting hard, all on their own. That would be much more impressive and attractive. Otherwise as the fan it would be, I, who will have to be the strong one and let the band go.