The Huge Anime Fan blog has officially been created as of 2013 to further spread the amazing word of anime and manga.

The Huge Anime Fan is a 22-year-old young lady with a huge passion for anime (since 2005) and manga (since 2009) in general so tastes in various genres of anime and manga should appear on the blog for those browsing.


The blog as of late contains a lot of varied content. Available are seasonal anime reviews and full anime series reviews. I also cover anime news, light novel news, voice actor news, and off-site anime giveaways that interest me. Beyond that I work on music reviews from musicians that come across in anime. With anime in particular the focus will be on unconventional and rather innovative anime works that are newly releasing more and more now. With reviews for anime covered on the blog besides how mold-breaking the animation is, well, the story of an anime series/anime film comes into account on what anime series/anime film is highlighted.

Mold-breaking animation that is aesthetically attractive matters on The Huge Anime Fan but story and strong character development also matters on The Huge Anime Fan.

Thanks for stopping by this blog and enjoy reading.


Reflection: Why An Anime Fan

Berserk III anime movie

Berserk III (2013)

The whole of anime and manga is wonderful but interconnected. Anime is a form of entertainment much like a favorite movie or TV series. A favorite sport or pastime. It is all a pastime. Anime is a work of art that is animated into life. It is also brought to that point of life by working voice actors who give anime characters a sense of life and personality. Almost like a living person. The anime industry can easily be seen to be built by the hard work of not a few people but a vast amount of individuals that bring the project to fruition from the artwork to animation to storyboard and also voice acting for the anime characters. All this fosters a sense of interconnections and when you watch an anime series that atmosphere shows itself to the viewer. The moments all come together to create that planned atmosphere the individuals involved with a series all wished for. The viewer though makes contact with others through anime. An audience falls obviously in love with anime or a particular anime series if that anime series has an interesting concept but also because of all the little things involved from others until that final product. Anime and or manga becomes something really wonderful. Probably why love anime. Why anyone should!

Simple Storytelling. Storytelling is essential to why anime fans exist. Why the fandom exists. It has always been there but as the years pass by everyone becomes more self-aware that the world brings with it changes and new issues too. Storytelling goes hand in hand with anime. Without a good story to tell, anime, would only be beautiful images and therefore lifeless. Many anime series that have released are good channels or portals to express certain societal issues or even dreams that can be portrayed to the audience. Anime therefore provides a look into the human heart in this way. This is also the reason anime be it an anime film or anime series often brings tears and even profound reflection to a viewer. It forces you to confront topics and ask questions.

Tokyo Ravens 2013

Tokyo Ravens (2013)

The question of Time. Everyone at some point or another is confronted with the issue of what to do next. Boredom as the real culprit. Anime is a great pastime to be used as a form of entertainment. It helps to kill time as a form of escapism. Escapism though is essential as a form of an entertainment venue since when confronted with time it can cause us to think of one’s future. Something no one anticipates which needs to be filled by no one but ourselves. So why not anime? Yet, another reason love anime besides being an avid reader.

The Future Diary 2009

The Future Diary (2009)

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