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Blog series

Looking at Anime Fans: A critical look at the more entitled anime fans and their habits.

Aniblogging Escapades: Recounts in aniblogging and or tips for other anibloggers. New posts go up on Wednesdays. Introduction: Tips on Aniblogging | The Newcomer Edition

Currently the Aniblogging Escapades blog series has ended. Planned restart for 2017.

An Encyclopedia of Common Anime Slang: The anime/manga slang that I have encountered and that I also happily adapted. Most of the terms highlighted through the blog series are ones that I see as having great potential to be adapted by others. Part 1 and Part 2 now on the blog!

Conspicuous Anime Composers: Yasushi Ishii, Taku Iwasaki, and Hiroyuki Sawano.


TCTX Aniblogger Club

TCTX Aniblogger Club project

In collaboration with Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe and Trystan from Let’s Talk Anime this new anime blogger project was begun. The aim of the TCTX Aniblogger Club is to sort of visit each other’s blogs and to see what particular anime per season struck our fancy.

You can check out: TCTX Aniblogger Club: Favorite OPs and EDs of Spring 2015TCTX Aniblogger Club: Spring 2015 Anime Picks


AMV Friday Feature

Cuticle Detective Inaba [AMV Friday Feature Meme]

This is where I feature Anime Music Videos from musicians I come across in anime in the hopes some anime fans might find them to their liking or at least that’s the plan. The AMV rotation will be based off anime I have seen over my lifetime and I have seen a lot of anime so there should be a good rotation of anime opening and ending theme songs to choose from. This will only apply to OPs and EDs not original soundtrack music.

The Huge Anime Fan’s Favorites

These little bits of segments are just when I reveal what I see as great when it comes to anibloggers, anime youtubers, you name it.

Segment 1


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