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In any given year, which is the case with any type of blogging old bloggers retire and new ones move in to the blogosphere. There are, of course, exceptions where there will always be staple anibloggers who can be considered basically veterans. Let’s just stop for a moment and try to reflect on what works to build yourself up and to hopefully grow your blog. Your anime blog that is!

Decide on a very good blog name preferably one that sets you apart from other blogs but one that is also not too crazy. I mean it can be crazy but you have to remind yourself you do not want to scare potential readers and fellow bloggers away with a strange blog name.

Have an attractive blog layout. Do not make it too busy. It really does not come off as very professional.

Seriously set up a consistent blogging schedule. Plan on blogging at the minimum at least once a week. This is important because no matter what if your anime blog does not show up as very active, search engines, wont really use your blog in their search results. If you only plan to blog once a month or every two months you might as well not blog at all. Also the worst you can do is blog irregularly. No matter what once you set up a vague idea of when you plan on blogging if readers expect it then that is when they will show up to your blog for new content but if you blog erratically then readers wont know when to come which will really turn them down from possibly visiting.

Use images that accentuate your anime blog’s content! This is very important, guys. No matter what people can find your content more stimulating if they can visualize what your’re talking about through your writing. Even if you add a maximum of 2 images in one of your posts it would be very helpful to your readers. It all depends though since posts which are text heavy likely need more images and written pieces with less text will even work well with just 1 image.

Have an opinion on your blog. Notice I do not say voice but opinion. Be sure to never filter your thoughts on what you think with any given subject within the anime fandom. If there is something on your mind tackle it. Do not let your fear of how it will sound to readers stop you from writing a post. Usually some of your best content will be posts where you really speak your mind.

Strongly consider imposing an e-newsletter on your blog! This way every written piece you create reaches everyone who is an avid blog reader faster. Now if they signed up for your newsletter then new content will reach them straight to their email. Pretty neat!

If you must take a leave of absence announce it on your anime blog. I’m sorry but it is not ok to just up and abandon your blog unless there has been a serious life altering event in your life, having no internet, or some other emergency. If you’re serious about actually anime blogging you should consider that if for whatever reason you stop blogging then it would be nice of you to give people an idea that you no longer want to blog. That way people can be made of aware of this fact.

Reply to your blog’s readers! Believe it or not replying to your blog’s comments is actually beneficial. I cannot stress enough how many times I have stopped following a few blogs simply because many of the bloggers continually never replied to my comments on their own blogs. I mean while I enjoyed their content for the most part I was also interested in hearing their brief thoughts. It can feel like the bloggers really have no time for your thoughtful comments. This is not very courteous since usually as readers it takes time to read through the content on a blog. You do not have to comment on every post but try to at least.

Those are about the biggest tips recently thought of when it comes to anime blogging. And since this compilation of tips could not be complete without some thoughts from veteran anime blogger Yumeka from Mainichi Anime Yume, please do, check out her Top 10 Tips for Anime BloggingShe honestly has some very good extra advice on her anime blog.


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  1. The difficult to make an anime blog is customize theme that can to be seen as profesional blog.
    Yeah, i have a problem with my blog theme. I can’t find a theme that fits me, even to this day. …(_ _).

    Nice share, btw. 🙂

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