Conspicuous Anime Composers in Anime: Taku Iwasaki

Anime Composer Taku Iwasaki

Taku Iwasaki Photo Credit: on Taku Iwasaki

Part 1 of Conspicuous Anime Composers: Yasushi Ishii

Taku Iwasaki has mainly become one of my favorites when it comes to anime composers primarily because when I first saw the anime, Noragami, I just got this weird joyous feeling that I had secretly come across some new type of music. Not unlike the sense I got from discovering TK from Ling Tosite Sigure.

Taku Iwasaki has somehow come up with a certain new form of music given how he can really blend some genres of music I would otherwise believe would prove impossible. The beauty of all that unconventionality! What I hadn’t known was that he had already been on the anime composing scene for quite a while. He has actually composed music for well-regarded and often times very popular anime. What a connection, really.

Gatchaman Crowds Soundtrack-Gotchaman-In the Name of Love

Furthermore what really gets to me is that while Noragami’s music soundtrack actually got me fully interested in his music. What I hadn’t noticed was that I had already seen his handiwork, at least, once before with Gatchaman Crowds. Yes! Gatchaman Crowds which is highly regarded by me for hitting all the right notes when it comes to what I search for in anime: aesthetically pleasing albeit unconventional animation style, interesting story, strong development for the characters, excellent voice acting, and even exquisite music (courtesy: Taku Iwasaki!).

Noragami (2014)

Noratan [My #1 Favorite]: Rap (though I should add I’m one of those individuals that detests rap music, not bad), beautiful flutes playing?!..Maybe, and this weird playful yet chaotic musical energy with a rock influence. How modern with other interesting influences! All this came to mind while I first listened to Noratan from the anime series, Noragami, in early 2014. 

Shadow Dancing [My #2 Favorite]: While somewhat repetitive. Nothing short of beautiful with a serious, static mood.

Delivery [My #3 Favorite]: Kind of robotic-like sounding with the ever present playful side that Taku Iwasaki seemed to perhaps be going for with Noragami.

The thing is it was only in Noragami that I was truly taken by his music style. So I am assuming now that he probably has inconsistency issues when it comes to music. While he might have some astounding music compositions or music albums. There might yet be times there are some that he might produce that are not as up to par in comparison to others. He might have some top class music albums and others that might not be at his best. Which is alright I mean I do not expect perfection. Much.

Anime Composer, Taku Iwasaki

Taku Iwasaki is an anime composer known for his diverse but explosive musical style. Subtlety is not his specialty, but if something requires bombast, romanticism, tears, or catchy jazziness, he’s your man. Perhaps most famous for blending Opera and Rap successfully on the soundtrack to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.TV Tropes 

Despite some of the quality inconsistency, Taku Iwasaki, is without a doubt an anime composer to keep on watching. If he were to continue producing more anime soundtracks it is certain more masterful pieces should spring forth to further delight and amaze anime fans from all over.

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