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Yumeka from Mainichi Anime Yume in the past on her blog wrote that she was quite baffled by the fact that there are hardly any female anime bloggers. At the time, I agreed with her immensely. It is true! There are far more male anime bloggers on the anime blogosphere than female anime bloggers. And to me that is a problem since it is always better to have a female perspective in the anime fanbase speaking in interest of the female anime fan.

This is really important especially when on sites like MyAnimeList and other anime forums I sometimes come across female anime fans that cry for not being able to see more Yaoi or Boys Love anime or manga. I find these instances as I have gotten deeper into aniblogging rather short-sighted. I mean if you want your voice to be heard in the anime industry or manga industry maybe you should try your hand at anime and manga blogging. This way anime fans attracted to your similar interests can cause a wave of high interest in the culture of Yaoi anime and manga but most female anime fans don’t. Something that I find sad since while blogging can require somewhat of a commitment you will undoubtedly find many rewards in the endeavor than not finding any. You will begin to form a camaraderie with others who are as crazy passionate as you are in: anime, manga, light novels, video games, and any other pop culture.

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And if you are scared that your blogging won’t be interesting for others then don’t be because I guarantee there are, at least, some people who will take an interest in your type of blogging style.

With 2015 there seems to be a rise of female anime bloggers (I noticed) not seen before when Yumeka wrote about ‘Where Are All The Female Anime Fans‘.

A big thank you to: 

Crimson from My Fujoshi Life

Blackragdoll from Absolutely Anime

Carolyn from Our Inked Obsession

Hashi from Hachihime (or at least I believe is a female anime blogger. If I am wrong I apologize!)

Lita from LitaKinoAnimeReviews

Trystan from Let’s Talk Anime

Yumeka from Mainichi Anime Yume

Arria from FUJINSEI

Masumi from Morning Toast (or at least I believe is a female anime blogger. If I am wrong I apologize!)

In this, she meant female anime bloggers I am sure. However, even if this is now in development, the anime blogging scene, still needs major improvement because there are more female anime bloggers, yes, but there are still considerably less. And I can’t help but feel that this is a detriment to female anime fans because if they did get the courage to begin blogging then perhaps more of the opinion reserved to female anime fans would be taken into account.

We might yet see more reverse harem anime that is not 5 minutes long per episode or maybe even more Boys Love anime or manga in our respective countries.

 Aniblogging Escapades: A blog series. Where as an aniblogger, I, will aim to give helpful tips on anime and manga blogging or recounts of things notice while aniblogging. If you’re an aniblogger yourself maybe you will stick with the blog series and find this helpful yourself or if you’re a new aniblogger just starting out this could yet be of benefit. Lastly, they go live on the blog on Wednesdays.

Updated on June 25. 2015 due to forgetting to add one of my most favorite anime/manga bloggers, Crimson, over at My Fujoshi Life


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  1. A very interesting post and read, I remember ages ago following Yumeka’s blog I really loved her blog a lot had a lot of diversity on it XD Thanks for the mention, see I had never thought about there being more guy bloggers than female ones before it’s made me think now. I think the same as you but only to do with youtube as I found there are more male anime reviewers than female ones. so it’s both the same situation in relation to youtube and blogging but I have noticed there are a lot more female bloggers since I first started blogging, I was one of these people debating whether I should start a blog or not but in the end I just went for it and look where it has lead me to now XD

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  2. I was recently reading a post over on My Otaku Reviews just last week that talked about how shoujo gets such a raw deal when it comes to anime adaptation of manga. While I’m not personally into BL or Yaoi, I love reverse-harem and would kill for some decent adaptations of the really good shoujo manga out there. Hopefully with more female anime bloggers demanding it, there’ll be a better chance of it happening!

    (Man I hope that html worked, it’s totally not my thing)


    • The html worked fine. I can see Wolf Girl and Black Prince as the image to the post. I’ll certainly read the post. But, yes, for some reason shoujo consistently gets adapted into anime. I get the feeling that is due that for years that has been the trend but there is such a thing as female anime fans getting tired of the same old shoujo. I certainly do not want to speak for all female anime fans but many are beginning to demand, either, more reverse harem anime or BL/Yaoi anime.

      I think this shows that times are changing and that the anime industry should try to adapt and change with the fan demand in general. This is especially when we get hilariously short reverse harem episodes like Diabolik Lovers or Bonjour! Sweet Love Patisserie.

      On reading the post: I never really thought about it but now that it was mentioned over at My Otaku Reviews. Most shoujo anime that I see do look unattractive in terms of animation. Almost like the producers are not really putting money into the anime production. That says a lot. Thank you for sharing, justanotheranimefan.

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      • I agree that the market should adapt and change with the audience’s demands… obviously that’s how the entertainment industry should work. However, I don’t think that shoujo is any more formulaic than any other genre of anime… I wouldn’t refer to it as the “same old shoujo”. For example, so many shounen follow the same format battle after battle; get almost beaten to death, get sudden inspiration from seeing your nakama beaten up, and then suddenly have the strength to push through. I think we only see that “same old shoujo” because no shoujo really gets a chance to develop further in an anime fan, to get to what makes it unique. I think if shoujo got a genuine chance to prove itself in anime form, we would get a lot more interesting things going on. Of course, I’m not trying to say that there isn’t a demand for BL/Yaoi and reverse-harem, because there clearly is, but I think shoujo would have more of a demand if it got the chance to prove what it can do. I mean, if you look at how shoujo primarily concerns romance and friendship story-lines, themes that are incredibly popular outside of anime (e.g. drama, movies, books), it’s surprising to see how poorly it does in anime. But yeah, totally agree about the production aspect of the genre, which probably has something to do with it.


        • When it comes to genres like you I also believe they all deserve a chance as long as a manga series or anime series can tackle the themes in unconventional ways. Since I wouldn’t want to watch the “same old shoujo” where the same themes are tackled again and again in a similar fashion. Though this can be obtained depending on how good the series is and if given the chance. But that’s just me since I look for mold-breaking stuff in themes or some way in which they are tackled in an atypical manner especially because most shoujo anime/manga are limited to the theme of romance and friendship.

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          • Hmmm, yeah I can understand that point of view. It’s cool to see what people can do with the same old story elements, but then blend them up to create something totally new and unique. I guess we can only hope that anime geared towards females gets a better chance, so all of this can happen!

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